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We Believe a Gym Should Enhance Your Life – Not Complicate It.

Your workout should make you feel confident, strong, and accomplished. It should instill in you the character needed to take on the world. That is exactly why we focus on three things at Tri-fit Barbell: Strength training, athletic training, and healthy body composition.

Located in Mauldin, South Carolina (roughly 20 minutes from downtown Greenville, South Carolina), Trifit Barbell is a gym that believes the formula for happiness lies in being strong, athletic, AND healthy. You don’t have to compete in powerlifting, bodybuilding or CrossFit to be a part of our family. (Although it’s wicked cool if you do!)  We just believe that each person should focus on building an overall strong, athletic, and healthy physique to get the most out of life. Stop by today at 320 W Butler Road, Mauldin, South Carolina or call us at 864-520-1202 to get started.


Then add strength training to become strong, inside and out. There is nothing that builds character more than conquering weight you never thought you could do.

Start with your “Why”. Knowing what motivates you, on a deeper level, will help you stay accountable. Be real and honest with yourself.

Next, add components that increase overall athleticism which will aid workout efficiency.

Finally, through volume and constant variation, we decrease our body fat percentage and increase our lean muscle mass to improve overall body composition.



Best/most welcoming gym I've ever been part of.  The staff is awesome along with the other members.



I love working out at this gym. The coaches are professional, very skilled, and keep your personalized goal in mind at all times.



If you are new to the fitness world, or just new to the high performance gym atmosphere, there is no reason to feel intimidated; that is one of the many great things about this gym. Chad and Logan are awesome at explaining, modifying and walking through each exercise to fit each individuals needs.



Awesome equipment, great owners/trainers, logical design, so practical for serious lifters.



Trifit Barbell is great! I’ve been to the gym just to workout, and they have all the equipment and gadgets needed to get a great workout in. Also the classes I attended have been challenging and fun; plus the guys are very knowledgeable and make sure you are doing things properly to avoid injuries. I’m happy to say I’ve found a new home!

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